Canada United is an Anti-Establishment movement, who views our national interests should take priority. Everything we do, or don’t do will benefit Canadians. Canada will come FIRST. The purpose of the movement known as Canada

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Reward companies for hiring Canadian workers and prevent companies from outsourcing Canadian Jobs. Gold star service for Vets – more funding for Military. Which include tax exceptions for service, and support services such as Legions

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Break up the press. The Canadian Press has been monopolized under the hat of POSTMEDIA.  Invest in Canada’s independent Journalism. Defend Canadian citizens, Freedom of Speech. Every Canadians should have to follow the same rules

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Canada not only has an identity, culture and heritage, it has the most unique identity, […]

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Uniting Canadians of all provinces before the next Federal Elections

We have a new model for Canada. Based on an old philosophy. A model of government that works for the people, not the people working for their government.

Everything we do, or don’t do will benefit Canadians. Canada and Canadian Values will COME FIRST!

Government should be held to the highest standards, and should be held accountable.

Putting more money in Canadians pockets will stimulate the economy, instead of the liberal plan to drain Canadians, tax and spend policies.

Reduce Foreign aid to sustainable levels.

The first priority of an elected official, to take care of his constituents. The first priority of a prime minister to take care of the country first.

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