Canada United is an Anti-Establishment movement, who views our national interests should take priority. Everything we do, or don’t do will benefit Canadians. Canada will come FIRST.

The purpose of the movement known as Canada United is to repair/replace the Canadian political system and create it based on the understanding and principals of the citizens of Canada and to tackle corruption as an utmost priority.

Canada not only has an identity, culture and heritage, it has the most unique identity, culture and heritage of any other. It has a personal distance in a collectivist culture made up of many cultures. It will be the federal government’s job to protect each province, Indigenous nation, territory and the individual cultures of every person who deserves to hold citizenship in Canada.

We will honor and respect each nations cultures and national identity, likewise, theirs will not be imposed on ours.

The policy we intend to introduce as political law as a means of governing the government. The government is to be reduced in size granting each province and territory individual sovereignty from federal control within reasonable perimeters. It will be the federal government’s responsibility to protect the rights and freedoms of the individual people/civilians of Canada without interfering in each provinces majority choice, culture, heritage and style. 

Our commitment to identifying and adjudicating crimes committed before our time and in some cases during our lifetimes will be part and parcel with our full scale investigation into corruption.

Investigations and discovery will aid in and provide further insight and foresight assisting us in creating laws to govern the governments of the future. Fail safes will be implemented to reduce the risk of corruption and infiltration of our system that in any way seeks to fundamentally transform our system and its laws and/or undermine the safety, sanctity and cultures of Canadians.